Scope of the journal includes all spheres of Crop and Applied Sciences including Crop botany, Basic and Applied Genetics of Field and Horticultural Crops, Molecular plant breeding, Biodiversity of plants, animals and other microbial bioresources, crop physiology, seed science and technology, Cell and Molecular biology, Plant Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Food Sciences and any other related emerging technologies like nanotechnology and Omics approaches with significance to crop and applied biology scientists. Scope of the journal also includes Fisheries, Veterinary and Animal Sciences and other cognate sciences of applied biology with sufficient importance that would kindle interest to readers of general biology.

Articles on topics related to the production science of field, horticultural crops and forest tress species and other energy and bio-resource plants, including cropping systems, soil science and biometry with significance to crop production, plant protection sciences, sustainable agriculture, environmental implications, post-harvest management, crop-animal interactions, agricultural information technology, modeling and remote sensing applications for plant monitoring are also accepted.

Scope of the Journal include

  1. Agriculture
  2. Agronomy
  3. Animal sciences
  4. Apiculture
  5. Applied Biochemistry
  6. Agricultural Biotechnology
  7. Applied Botany
  8. Agricultural Biotechnology
  9. Agricultural Engineering and Technology
  10. Agricultural machinery
  11. Agricultural extension
  12. Agricultural economics
  13. Agricultural Marketing
  14. Agricultural Finance and Business Management
  15. Agro physics
  16. Applied Microbiology
  17. Applied Plant science
  18. Aquaculture
  19. Biochemistry
  20. Biotechnology
  21. Biochemical technology
  22. Biomass and Bio-energy and Energy crops
  23. Bioremediation
  24. Botany
  25. Chemistry
  26. Chemical Food Safety
  27. Crop Breeding
  1. Crop Biotechnology
  2. Crop Physiology
  3. Crop Production
  4. Crop Protection
  5. Dairy Science
  6. Environmental Sciences
  7. Enzymology and Enzyme Engineering
  8. Energy Agriculture
  9. Entomology
  10. Fermentation Technology
  11. Food Chemistry and Microbiology
  12. Forestry
  13. Genetics
  14. Genomics
  15. Horticultural sciences
  16. Immunology
  17. Industrial Biotechnology
  18. Leather Biotechnology
  1. Livestock Production Management
  2. Metabolomics
  3. Molecular Breeding
  4. Molecular biology
  5. Microbiology
  6. Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology
  7. Organic Farming
  8. Photochemistry
  9. Philology
  10. Pharmaco genomics
  11. Plant Biology and anatomy
  12. Proteomic
  13. Post-Harvest Biology
  14. Poultry Science
  15. Precision Agriculture
  16. Plant Pathology
  17. Plant Breeding
  18. Seed Science Research
  19. Soil Science
  20. Stored Products
  21. Sustainable agriculture
  22. Veterinary Sciences
  23. Water Resources
  24. Weed Biology
  25. Zoology